Shipping Info

Shipping Fees & Delivery Times.

We own all our products and most of our goods are shipped from a warehouse. So it depends on where the warehouse is shipping it to that will determine how long it will take.

But we aim to make our shipping fees as cheap as possible.

We're offering 3 methods of shipping at the moment: small parcel method. Direct line method.

Express method.

Small parcel method is really slow and cheap but will only take a load of up to 2Kg. Direct lines costs and shipping times are both reasonable and can take a load of up to 20Kg. Express is the fastest and the most expensive. 

If no request has been made to do express shipping after you order, by email or in the chat on the website, we will by default aim to use small parcel method but if the weight of the item is more than 2Kg, we will use Direct line shipping method instead.

If after you have ordered an item, you wish to do express shipping method, then let us know in the chat or by email then we will charge you extra for the faster, express shipping method. 



While we strive to keep our online inventory tracking up to date. Unexpected stock shortage may occur and listings may not be updated immediately. If the item(s) you order is out of stock, you simply won't be able to order it.